Using Corner Guards in the Hospitality Industry

by Kim Stewart on July 17, 2022

The hospitality and tourism sector, airports, restaurants, hotels, etc., are characterized by heavy human traffic. Travelers often carry, push and pull their luggage through these areas, and by simply being in a rush or being careless, damages wall corners, and other surfaces occur often. In this context, such architectural hardware products as corner guards and wall end cap guards come in handy to protect wall corners against wear and tear. Have you safeguarded your wall corners using Boss Corner Guards?

What is a Corner Guard?

A corner guard is a protective component used to preserve the edges of a building's interior or exterior walls from being damaged through impact. A corner guard can be made of aluminum, aluminum checker plate, stainless steel, and steel. The most preferred corner guards are stainless steel as they offer considerable protection to walls and look great.

Where can we use Corner Guards?

Just about anywhere, corner guards are normally used in places with a high human traffic. They are especially used in airports, restaurants, garages, retail stores, commercial kitchens, offices, workshops, concert venues, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, etc. They were designed for walls, but we have had customers protect equipment, vehicles, etc.

How do we install Corner Guards?

Corner guards are fixed to walls using adhesive or screws (holes are an additional charge). The main advantage of corner guards is that they last long without being replaced. When you purchase Corner Guards they come with installation instructions, they are very easy to install and virtually require no tools.

If you would like to protect your facility’s walls against any damage occurring due to impact, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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