Wall and Door Protection Products in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

by Kim Stewart on July 24, 2022

All kinds of Hospitality and Tourism type facilities (such as restaurants, hotels, stadiums, and museums, just to name a few) need building maintenance and thorough preparations to provide the expected services. These facilities must ensure that their interior design vision remains intact (floors, walls, ceilings, etc.)and are kept in good repair. These sorts of tourist attractions, also tend to experience high volumes or foot/human traffic, which could lead to premature wear and tear of the walls, corners, doors, and other surfaces.

Not only can it be costly to repair damaged walls and corners, but it is also time-consuming, and could require the facility to be closed until the repairs are complete. Therefore, it is better to protect the walls from the beginning and avoid incurring such costs in your business. Corner guards are one of the products that can be used for protection, and Boss Corner Guards are known throughout to offer great products at fair prices. We are also recognized for our customization abilities and quick turnaround times. Please visit our website for our standard offerings, or email us your custom requirements, we can work together to solve your current needs.

Specification Information for Corner Guards

Corner guards differ in material, thickness, length, wing dimensions, and edge. Here at BOSS Corner Guards, we offer corner guards made of stainless steel, aluminum checker plate, and steel. The most common lengths are 48" and 96". Thickness varies depending on the material, and the edges of corner guards can be either Flat edge or WallGrip™ edge. Our standard wing dimensions offered are 2" x 2", 3"x3", 4"x4".

You can choose the corner guards that seem best for your facility from these details or let us know the required specifications found in the tender, or architectural/interior design drawings. Are you a registered specification writer, contact us to assist you in writing the specification for a client.

Why Use Boss Corner Guards

BOSS Corner Guards’ aims to offer the best solutions to your interior design problems. We have a variety of corner guards that we hope will serve your needs. However, if you are not finding a solution to your current conundrum with the available corner guards, we can custom-make corner guards or wall guards according to the dimensions that you want and your requirements as we manufacture all guards here on site, and ship directly from our facility.

We don’t discriminate, we look forward to helping you with your wall and door protection needs, no job is too small, or too big, and we cater to both small businesses and large corporations.

Looking forward to serving you!!