Wall Corner Protection: Still Relevant

by Boss Steel on September 16, 2015

When it comes to encouraging wall corner protection, we're operating under the assumption that your building has walls with actual corners. This is a fairly safe assumption, we know; however, given the speed at which technology develops, we thought it best to establish our assumptions from the outset.

That's because new technologies develop all the time that make assumptions increasingly irrelevant. Take, for example, the news that soldiers will soon be able to see safely around corners without risking their lives. Currently in development by DARPA, this technology uses bouncing light photons to create 3-D images of objects hidden from view--such as objects around corners--effectively ensuring safer tactical maneuvers for our armed forces.

Until such advancements become commonplace, however, we mere mortals are going to have to settle for seeing what's around the next corner the old-fashioned way: by walking over and taking a look. The more we do that, of course, the more potential wear and tear we put on our corners.

Whether you're giving tours, moving cargo, packing shipments, preparing products for assembly, or simply stepping around the corner to check on the productivity of your staff, you're putting the integrity of your corners at risk every time. 

As long as there are walls, there will be corners; and as long as there are corners, there will be the need for corner protection. (At least, until the next wave of technological development makes corners obsolete. But we're not holding our breath on that one.) Make sure your corners are well-prepared by investing in protective corner guards.

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