Wall Protection Products to Use in Your Interior Designs

by Kim Stewart on June 19, 2022

An important part of your interior design is protection products. These products help to ensure that the interior of your structure remains looking good, and they do an excellent job of protecting your walls. Here are three wall protection products to use in your interior design. 

Corner Guards

The corners of your walls are prone to getting damaged because they may get dented or dinged as things are brought around the corner. The busier that your location is, the faster this damage occurs. However, if you were to install some corner guards on the corners of your walls, this would go a long way in preserving them. These guards go up and down the length of the wall corner, thus preventing anything from damaging the wall upon impact. These guards are also made to be incredibly strong, so the guard itself will not become damaged. 

End Cap Guards

Wall end caps are also very helpful for protecting your pony walls or end walls that do not go all the way up to the ceiling. These walls need extra protection because they are often in high traffic areas, and they usually see a lot of impact. This end cap protects the most commonly damaged area of the wall and help them to stay in great condition for as long as possible. 

Wall Panels and Trim 

Lastly, using wall panels and trim as a protection product for your interior design is an excellent way to provide protection to the bottom of your walls. This is an area that is often scuffed, dinged, or otherwise damaged by impact. These panels and trim pieces provide an aluminum plate that acts as a barrier between the wall and whatever is impacting it. 

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