What Happens to Drywall Without Good Corner Guards?

by Boss Steel on December 14, 2018

What Happens to Drywall Without Good Corner Guards?

Corner guards are a nearly invisible feature in commercial buildings. They blend into the background, and sometimes they're actually invisible behind other architectural details. But without corner guards, your drywall is vulnerable to damage. Here are three things that can happen in the course of normal, everyday activity:

1. The paint and paneling get worn faster than the surrounding walls.

Corners encounter a lot of incidental damage. People lean against them. Delivery boxes bang into them when people misjudge the distance. Briefcases and laptop bags can clip the corners of your hallways when people are in a hurry. All of this damage will chip away at the paint or dig gouges into decorative paneling. It can make even a new redesign look shabby. 

Instead of taking the risk, install metal corner guards. Not only do they keep your building's design looking sharp, but they're also long-lasting and repel damage.

2. The drywall can get punctured.

Scuffs and worn patches aren't the only forms of damage that your corners encounter. If someone is dropping something off in a hurry, the dolly's sharp edge can dig straight through the drywall. All of the everyday wear and tear makes it even more likely that an accident or a careless move can rip straight through the wall. Not only do corner guards stop that damage from accumulating in the first place, but they also provide a far firmer surface that won't give way.

3. The materials behind the wall are easier to damage.

Ultimately, drywall protects the interior of your walls from damage. This includes the framing, the wiring, pipes, and ventilation hardware. But once part of the drywall is worn are ripped, the adjacent inches can't offer as much protection. That means the next time a cart bangs into a corner, it can do significant damage. Any lingering openings are also an invitation for rodents and pests to get into the walls.

Whether you want to protect the structure of your walls or you want to keep your building looking crisp and clean, corner guards can help. Go to Boss Corner Guards here to browse our selection.