When Industrial Corner Guards Should Be Used

by Boss Steel on July 05, 2019

Our corner guards are made from stainless steel or aluminum and are useful for protecting the interior of homes and businesses. Without corner guards, interior corners of a home or business can easily become scratched, dented or torn away. We make our corner guards to suit the needs of where they are intended to be used. That's why the corner guards that we make for homes or office buildings are made from steel or aluminum, rather than just steel. That's also why our corner guards for industrial buildings are thicker than the ones that you'd expect to install in your home.

We understand that industrial buildings have a higher demand for the transporting of materials in significantly heavier bulk. That's in addition to the common use of forklifts and an increased amount of foot traffic.

The risk for damaged corners is increased inside places where there's lots of foot traffic and an increase need to move large loads. That's why our industrial corner guards are made with thicker steel. An industrial corner guard from us is made from thicker steel so the corners can better withstand collisions with forklifts and other things that might cause damage that is expensive to repair. Stainless steel is very durable and can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions.

As time goes on, the corners of your factory or warehouse will be scraped against and receive solid blows more and more. Such can easily occur from forklifts, pallet jacks and push carts. Our industrial corner guards are easy to install and can withstand extreme weather and temperatures. Using them will save money in the long run that would otherwise be used for costly repairs. Our corner guards come in different lengths and offer varying degrees of protection that's determined by their thickness. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about the kinds of corner guards that we offer.