Why Facility Managers Need High Quality Boss Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on November 22, 2019

It takes immense efforts to create a safe and cost-effective business environment. With all the noise involved when creating the perfect space for your operations, a facility manager can easily forget to protect the business space. It is quite easy to scrap wall corners or machine edges when walking by, and thus it's vital to use a steel corner guard for adequate walls protection.

Corner guards are made from materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. They are designed for different purposes, although the primary objective is to prevent scrapes, scratches, and damage. But really, why should facility managers need corner guards?

Well, primarily, well-engineered corner guards help prevents injuries and protects assets

It's easy to bump into a corner while carrying, wheeling, or dragging a heavy object. At first, the streaks of the edges might be small, and thus easy to ignore. Eventually, they become large dents, probably with some fallen pieces. This continuous wear and tear increase the occurrence of accidents. 

When corner guards are used, the wall corners remain intact for an extended period. Well-made aluminum and stainless steel guards do not discolor or get worn out. They provide a neat, finished look that accentuates the aesthetics of your space while still saving you money and time that could have otherwise been spent on repairs.

Office space is a valuable asset. When the corners are damaged, it becomes hard even for the in house staff to clean them. If you wish to leave a positive impression on your clients and stakeholders, your workplace should be sparkly clean. Although there are other ways of maintaining an aesthetic workplace appeal, investing in corner guards will surely be a plus.

Protect Your Drywall Today!

Corner guards are small investments which make huge impacts. They protect walls, furniture, and machinery from the costly damages. They also give the staff and clients the freedom of moving around without the fear of getting injured.

So, don't take the risk. Contact us today and get more information about the corner guards. We will also give you excellent advice on the best type which fits your environment and business needs.