Why the Man of Steel Would Recommend Stainless Steel Corner Protection

by Boss Steel on July 16, 2015

Although we've thus far been unsuccessful in acquiring Superman as our own personal spokesman, we do have reason to believe that the Man of Steel would recommend that you invest in stainless steel corner protection. Our reasons are listed below. 

Why the Man of Steel Would Recommend Stainless Steel Corner Protection:

He understands the dangers of the work world.

In the guise of his alter-ego Clark Kent, Superman had plenty of opportunity to experience the hassle and stress of the work world at his newsroom in the Daily Planet.

Just as people who work hard experience strain, so do buildings. Look at how many times the Daily Planet building itself was damaged even with Superman on the scene!

Because disaster could strike at any time, it's best to be prepared. One way to prepare, of course, is to install corner protection. 

He believes in being safe. 

Whether he's deflecting bullets, slowing down speeding trains, stopping mega-villains, or swooping in to scoop Lois Lane into his arms at the last possible second, Superman is all about protection. 

So are stainless steel corner guards! Firm, highly durable, and sporting an attractively brushed finish, our corner protectors provide safety in style--much like the Man of Steel himself. 

He's always there when you need him.

It takes a whiff of danger to send Clark sprinting for the phone booth, but even though the citizens of Metropolis don't see him in the skies around the clock, no one would deny that Superman always shows up just when he's most needed.

Even better, our corner guards, once installed, never take a minute off. With them firmly in place, your maintenance costs will go down while your product margins go up. 

Up, up, and away!

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our line of corner guards, or if you happen to know where Lex Luthor is hiding. ;)