Why you should use BOSS Wall and Door Protection Products on your projects

by Kim Stewart on August 14, 2022

Busy environments, especially commercial buildings, are prone to worn walls and doors. Imagine tens if not hundreds or thousands of people accessing the door while others rub against the walls in their ups and downs. If the doors and walls are left unprotected with the right products, dents and holes will be inevitable. Therefore, durable door and wall protection products are necessary and should be applied more often than not during renovations.

Why do you need these protection products on your doors and walls?

For Hygiene Purposes

When your walls or doors have open joints, fissures, dents, or crevices, they permit the passage and retention of particles and dirt. Would that not be a severe health hazard, especially with the current state of global health? The spaces will assist the growth of bacteria since they retain water and moisture. Therefore, quality wall and door protection products prevent moisture retention alongside any conditions that may promote dirt. Door plates also make the door an easy clean with a


For Aesthetic Benefits

A worn-out wall is quite ugly to look at. If your premise thrives on attracting people, the presumably old-looking walls and doors will repel them instead. The last thing you want is to have your walls and doors chasing people away instead of inviting them in. Therefore, you must maintain your doors and walls with quality protection products from reputable sources.

To boost the durability of your walls and doors

Wooden doors are more vulnerable than metal doors. That is especially when left exposed to elements like moisture, friction, and dirt. Metallic doors could also rust, thus becoming hazardous and ugly. Therefore, the door and wall protection products will ensure long durability and strength for your doors and walls.

What are some of the Best Quality Products to Use?

The products below are from Boss Corner Guards and are one of the best and will ensure that you have strong and sustainable walls and doors;

Door Protection Products

  • Kick Plates
  • Armor Plates
  • Stretcher Plates
  • Mop Plates
  • Push Plates

Wall Protection Products

  • End Cap Guards
  • Corner Guards
  • Wall Trim – Crown Molding
  • Wall Trim – Baseboard

Final Thought

As mentioned above, wall and door protection products are just essentials during the finishing of residential or commercial buildings. With the products listed above, you will never go wrong. 

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