Door Protection

Boss Corner Guards has expanded and is now offering a growing selection of commercial and residential door protection plates. Protection plates are applied to doors to prevent or minimize damage. Depending on the protection plate’s height and placement they a likely referred to as Armour plates, Kick plates, Mop plates, Push plates, and Stretcher plates, (see below for more information). Our Door protection plates are manufactured in-house using high quality, durable stainless steel, and aluminum checker plate finishes. Our products are designed to suit a wide variety of architectural applications and specifications.

May meet or exceed 10 26 33 and/or 08 71 00 specifications.

Order 28” for a 30” door


Order 30” for a 32” door


Order 32” for a 34” door


Order 34” for a 36” door


Order 36” for a 38” door


Order 38” for a 40” door