Push Plates

Push plates are installed on non-latching doors where a person simply pushes the door open without having to use a knob or handle; this prevents oils and dirt from damaging the doors’ finish. The size of push plates varies, but they are usually 8" wide by 16" tall for flush doors. Where a stile-and-rail door is installed, 4" wide push plates are used. Push plates offer a hygienic and easy-to-clean surface to protect the door from wear and tear of repeated openings, placed on the push side of the door.  

Push plates should be positioned vertically on the face of the door with the edge of the push plate 1-1/2 inches from the outer edge of the door. You should raise or lower the plate height as necessary, to center the plate from the top to the bottom at arm level approx. 42 inches from the floor.

This item will arrive fully de-burred for smooth edges with a protective vinyl film that should be removed after installation.

NFPA NotesNFPA 80 Standard; Field installed protection plate shall be labeled and installed in accordance with their listing; Labeling is not required where the top of the protection plate is not more than 16 in. above the bottom of the door. 

Please note that kick plates on fire-rated doors may need to be tested, labeled, and installed properly to meet your local building codes, door warranties, and the like. We do not warrant or approve these plates for any specific usage.

Size Ranges: Height 7” – 16” & Width 3” – 8”

Common Size:  Height 16" and 8: Wide

Grain Direction: could run either way


10 26 33 and/or 08 71 00

ANSI/BHMA A156.6 Architectural Door Trim: J301

Finish US: US32D

Finish ANSI/BHMA: 630