Aluminum Checker Plate Corner Guards for Children's Music Schools

by Boss Steel on December 16, 2016

Every day at children's music schools across the country, our nation's future superstars are trooping in and out for their lessons.

Some students, learning to master a portable instrument such as a trumpet or a cello, will arrive toting instrument cases and tote bags crammed with sheet music. Others, studying something more substantial - such as the piano - will leave their own instrument at home. Nevertheless, they'll show up ready to impress their teachers with how hard they practiced during the week. (Or disappoint them with how little they've accomplished. Anyone who's ever taken music lessons has learned the feeling of that particular dread!)

If you manage such a facility, then you're already aware of the high amount of wear and tear that results from the constant foot traffic in a music school - not to mention the regular damage incurred by any number or children zooming through the halls with their hard-sided violin and flute cases. Even the most careful and conscientious child occasionally trips over an untied shoelace.

Accidents happen.

They don't have to cause permanent damage, however. 

By installing aluminum checker plate corner guards, you will be gaining a distinct advantage. Our corner guards are not only attractive and effective, but they're also simple to install. Once in place, they will effortlessly lower your yearly maintenance fees by protecting your corners and edges against incidental damage. 

We love hearing success stories from people who have used our guards and loved them. If you have a story to share, or if you have further questions about our product lines, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!