Aluminum Checker Plate Corner Guards for Community Centers

by Boss Steel on October 14, 2016

Community centers are busy places. Whether they're found in the heart of a big city or nestled in a small town, they always have plenty of activities going on. Take for example Pine Community Center in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Although this center serves a tiny rural township, it still keeps its event schedule full.

From pre-school playtime to princess tea parties to SilverSneakers®, we truly care about each and every community member, and we do our very best to offer something for everyone.

The same can be said of community centers across the country. Shepherd Community Center in Indianapolis, Illinois, and Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, North Carolina are no exception. Though separated by many miles and serving a different sizes of communities with varying demographics, all three of these centers specialize on one thing: serving their communities.

It's likely that all three also work hard to conserve their funding. Although they already offer quite an array of opportunities, it's natural to want to offer more. That's why when it comes to serving the community, every penny counts. 

One way to conserve funds is to bring down your ongoing maintenance costs. By installing corner guards in your community centers, you'll be protecting your interior corners and edges against the sort of random, routine damage that comes when maintaining a public space. Given the level of foot traffic and the variety of activities that the standard community center sees each year, it only makes sense to ensure that the facilities are up to the challenge.

Here at Boss Corner Guards, we understand your dilemma. We carry a good assortment of corner guards in various sizes, styles, and thicknesses. One of our best products is the Aluminum Checker Plate Corner Guard, a sturdy and stylish model sure to keep your corners and edges protected for many years to come. 

If you have questions or comments about this, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.