Avoid Renovation Nightmares with Corner Guards?

by Boss Steel on December 29, 2016

The internet teems with stories of home renovations gone wrong. With a few clicks of the keys, you can treat yourself to a wide array of horror stories. These renovation nightmares run the gamut from costly mid-renovation disasters to horrifying post-renovation revelations such as this one:

It isn't until [the homeowner] sees mushrooms growing out of the wall that he learns that the contractor hadn't pulled a permit to install the windows. A county inspector likely would have detected that the windows and the walls hadn't been sealed properly.

If it weren't so sad, it would almost be funny.

While our corner guards will not protect you against every eventuality, they do lower the odds that you will have a certain type of renovation nightmare on your hands.

Installing corner guards for renovations either before renovations start or mid-way through the process is actually a smart move. If you're not keeping your existing walls or dry-wall, then of course you're looking at a mid-renovation install. If, however, you're keeping your walls intact, the chances that those walls won't be damaged during the course of your renovations lower once you have your corners and edges protected against incidental damage.

Whether you are planning minor, touch-up or something a bit more drastic, you'll want to consider where and when to install your guards. If you have questions or comments about that, we would like to offer our assistance. We love helping our customers select the style, size, or thickness of guard that best meets their needs.

If you would like to chat with us about this or anything else, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.