Boss Door Protection Products

by Kim Stewart on July 03, 2022

In institutional and commercial buildings, interior door protection is an important component for frequently used doors. Considering that some people enter doors with their feet while others use carts and other devices to push stretchers and equipment. Building owners should consider the type of door protection they should install based on the type of protection they need. For a great solution, BOSS Wall and Door Protection products offer a range of tailored door plates.

Armor Plates 

Armor plates offer the most protection and are typically installed on the push side of the door. Armor plates come in different sizes depending on the protection required, but the most common is 36 inches and 42 inches tall. 

Kick Plates

Kick plates, just as the name suggests, are installed on doors that are normally pushed open by foot. Similarly, to Armor plates, kick plates are installed on the push side of a door. A kick plate are typically  10 inches to 16 inches high. For areas where wheelchairs are commonly used, 16 inches is a recommended height.  They provide sufficient protection for the bottom part of the door. 

Mop Plates

Mop plates protect the pull-side of the door. They protect the door from damage caused by mops and vacuum cleaners. They are as typically 4 to 8 inches high and installed at the bottom part of the inner side of the door. 

Push Plates

Push plates are best for non-latching doors, allowing one to open a door without using the handles or doorknobs. They protect the door finish from accumulating oils and dirt. Push plates are best for swinging doors.  

Stretcher Plates

Stretcher plates are mostly installed on hospital doors where there is constant in and out movement of stretcher beds. They are installed on both sides of the door to protect wear and tear on areas where the stretcher bed crashes into. 

At BOSS Wall and Door Protection we also offer to manufacture customized plates for various doors at an affordable price. To learn more about these products, visit the BOSS Wall and Door Protection products' newly launched website, We hope to help you find the perfect solution for your interior door protection needs.