How Stainless Steel Corner Guards Can Improve Your Bed and Breakfast

by Boss Steel on August 05, 2016

When it comes to first impressions, you always want to start off on the best possible foot, especially when you own a bed and breakfast. Unfortunately, doing so can be difficult when there is significant damage to the interior walls of your establishment. If you're tired of patching and repainting your walls, and you're looking for a simple and effective solution, stainless steel corner guards are definitely the answer you've been searching for.

No matter how well decorated your bed and breakfast is, blemished walls will cause your guests to see a neglected and unkempt environment. This can lead them to question the overall cleanliness of your establishment. Luckily, stainless steel corner guards are a quick fix. Not only do they protect your walls from unforeseen mishaps, but they also complement just about any decorating style.

While a good first impression is essential, saving money is also crucial to running a successful business. Instead of constantly wasting money on repairs, take a more proactive stance by installing corner guards throughout your B & B. Once installation is complete, bouts with unruly luggage won't leave gouges or dents on your corners, and you'll no longer need to pay a professional to patch and repaint the drywall in your hotel.

Whether you're a DIY expert or just a dabbler, installing your new stainless steel corner guards is an easy undertaking. To begin, in a zigzag pattern, apply a reliable construction adhesive to the back of the corner guard. Next, securely place the guard into position and hold it there for a handful of seconds. Lastly, wait 24 hours before removing the protective cover from the front of your newly installed stainless steel corner guard.

If you're looking to permanently protect the walls in your bed and breakfast, please contact us today to view our inventory of stainless steel corner guards.