Office Towers and Damage Prevention: A Few Considerations

by Boss Steel on November 04, 2016

Office towers are a huge investment, and not only because of their relative sizes. Because of the nature of the tenants they're trying to attract, many of them are situated in downtown city centers. What's more, their planners often invest extra funds in making their buildings appear sleek and successful. 

That makes it all the more devastating when office towers are damaged. 

In order to prevent against such damage, the owners and managers of towering structures are taking extra steps to protect their facility against damage. Take, for example, Webb Tower in Los Angeles. Because the building sits in an earthquake zone, extra precautions have been taken to keep the concrete building from collapsing. By adding X-beams from top to bottom along the external structure, engineers feel assured that this step reduces the likelihood that the building will collapse in the event of the next quake.

Then there's 1450 Brickell Avenue. This beautiful Class-A corporate tower in downtown Miami boasts thirty-five floors and over 500,000 square feet. Because of the building sits along Florida's south coast, however, and is a prime target for hurricanes churning up from the Caribbean, designers installed redundant systems of backup generators to keep the lights on and the air conditioning running. What's more, the structure is lined with missile-impact resistance glass well able to withstand major storms.

But most office towers don't need to be equipped to handle hurricanes. Instead, they face the quiet struggle of ongoing routine damage. One way to guard against daily damage is to install corner guards for office towers. Keeping your interior corners protected is a good start toward guarding your investment.

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