Prevent Wall Disasters with Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on December 06, 2019

You have probably seen corner guards in homes, hotels, or hospitals. Wall corner guards protect paint and walls from impact damage. In homes, kids can enter the house through the interior garage door and tossing their shoes into the mudroom or family room.

In hotels, luggage carts find their way up and down the elevators, rounding edges and inside narrow hotel room doorways. In a hospital environment, wheeling patients on a gurney is a skill to avoid hitting the walls when trying to maneuver tight corners in the corridors. Just one little stumble can destroy your walls.

So, how do you prevent wall disasters?

Corner Guards can protect the corners of your walls from unforeseen accidents. Here are a few examples of different types of corner guards available and recommendations to help you select which is best for you and your situation.


Aluminum Corner Guards

They offer a robust yet attractive and cost-effective way to protect wall corners from the destruction caused by the light impacts of daily traffic.  Our aluminum corner guards come in various sizes, angles, lengths, and gauges.


Stainless Steel Corner Guards

They provide a modern and attractive look while also providing excellent corner protection. Furthermore, they are an industry favorite thanks to their incredible durability and long life. They are commonly used in supermarkets, commercial buildings, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and many more.


Heavy-duty Corner Guards

These corner guards offer excellent impact protection to wall corners and end walls in industrial or commercial environments. Our commercial corner guards come in a variety of materials, colors, and wing sizes to fit any need. These corner guards are the perfect product for protecting property while ensuring the safety of your people.


Let Us Help You Protect Your Walls!

Whatever type of walls you may need to protect, whether it is the family room or the loading dock, Our Company, Boss Corner Guards, offers the assortment of wall corner guards most appropriate for your situation. Online orders and shipping options are available. With the variety of corner guards available on the market today, including material and color assortment, there is certainly one that fits your needs. Visit our website to purchase your corner guards today or contact us for more information on best corner guards choice for your property.