Save Time and Money in Commercial Construction with Corner Guards and End Cap Guards

by Kim Stewart on June 26, 2022

Corner Guards, and Wall End Cap Guards work as a shield for wall corners giving protective coverage your all-too-vulnerable corners require. They are also an important interior design décor fixture, and their affordability makes them an easy decision for any commercial or retail space. Our website cornerguardsonline showcases our extensive selection of corner guards and other wall and door protection solutions. Let's explore how their all-around coverage of corner guards can save you time and money.


Punishable but forgiving walls 

Wall protection products such as Corner Guards and Wall End Cap Guards provide splash, abrasion, and impact protection to prevent walls from looking rundown, chipped, and discolored. In other words, let the Corner Guards and Wall End Cap Guards take the beating so your walls don't. Daily traffic magnifies the wear and strain on business spaces, but it is the walls and corners with which we contact that are most vulnerable to harm. 

We manufacture our Wall and Door protection products in both Aluminum Checker Plate and Stainless Steel which are durable materials and commonly used in commercial construction and frequently used in retail stores, commercial kitchens and restaurants, transit stations, airports, and healthcare facilities.


Cost-saving walls

Architectural Hardware products such as our wall protection guards increase the durability of the architectural and interior design by protecting the wall finishing (wall paint, paper or other covering or finishing) from damages. The result is avoiding the cost of regular repainting and replacement of worn materials.

If your walls and corners started off pristine but have now degraded to blemishes, dings, bumps, and scratches, it is time to fix them. We offer a variety of standard stock sizes of guards to quickly fix your walls at affordable prices, and quick delivery. Need custom sizes, we do that to. Contact us today with your needs.


Time-saving walls

You could lose productive work hours each time you have to do maintenance, interior renovations, or remodeling. Look to BOSS Corners Guards for your architectural and interior décor hardware solutions and for aiding to reducing downtime and time spent taking 'intensive' care for walls and surfaces.


Hygienic walls

The simplicity of our wall guards, trim and door plates only require a simple wipe down to clean and makes them perfect for commercial spaces with walls that can easily be grimy like restaurants, kitchens, healthcare facilities, and high traffic areas. An important consideration when hygiene and personal care in public spaces are coming into sharp focus.

Designers must take all considerations into account when trying to marry the aesthetics and structure of the space and selecting products that will last for the duration of their usage.  Contact us now for solutions to complement any space, store, or boutique.