Stainless Steel Corner Guards and Hurricane Protection

by Boss Steel on November 18, 2016

During the first week of October in 2016, Hurricane Matthew pounded up the eastern seaboard, wreaking havoc with its high winds, strong storm surges, and torrential downpours. Fortunately, residents of coastal cities from Florida to the Carolinas showed that they had learned valuable lessons during their previous experiences with deadly hurricanes. They shuttered their homes, stocked up on emergency supplies, and cleared their yards of debris. In many cases, they evacuated.

Thankfully, the storm only skirted the coast in most areas, meaning the damage was less wide-spread than anticipated. Florida's Treasure Coast, which was expected to receive a direct hit from the storm's eye wall, instead only received the storm's outer bands. They came off relatively unscathed.

"We lucked out," Indian River Shores Police Chief Rich Rosell said. No buildings toppled in the oceanfront community, but there are a few fallen trees, a lot of downed limbs and some flooding (TC Palm).

While we can't promise that installing interior corner guards will protect your homes and businesses against killer storms, they may help protect against the process of preparations. 

While preparing for a big storm -- whether it's a tropical hurricane or a midwestern blizzard -- residents and business owners dig out plywood and aluminum shutters, drag in pallets of food and water, bring outdoor furniture and tools indoors, unearth storm supplies from the dusty corners of their basements and storage closets, and generally turn their lives upside down as they scurry to prepare. Because all of this must be done in a relative hurry, accidents are bound to happen. 

Don't let your interior corners fall victim to storm preparations. Install stainless steel corner guards to protect against incidental interior damage to your building's corners and edges. 

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