Stainless Steel Corner Guards in the Busy World of Medicine

by Boss Steel on June 29, 2016

When you think about hospitals and medical offices, the word “traffic” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  But for those familiar with medical settings, you know the halls and rooms of a medical center can feel like a city street at rush hour.

Think about it, all of those wheeled conveyances weaving through busy hospital hallways. We are talking about  gurneys and wheelchairs carrying patients from one room to another, wheeled carts stacked high with clean linens, mobile diagnostic equipment bound for ready emergency and operating rooms, and the inevitable trash bins and medical waste receptacles generated by the hard work of healing professionals.

Now we have no doubt that nurses, doctors, medical technicians, transport personnel, and custodians are the most careful of drivers, but with all that traffic, contact with corners is pretty much a given. Because let’s face it, the corners of buildings are like knees and elbows, they have a tendency to get scraped, bruised, and even broken. This is where steel corner guards are a true life saver.

Protective steel guards can keep those knees and elbows healthy and clean. Boss Corner Guards are fabricated from 304 stainless steel in a wide variety of gauges and are ready to accept the unavoidable wear and tear of high traffic hallways and prevent the need for the costly maintenance required to cure injured corners. Like any doctor worth her salt will tell you, an ounce of prevention (make that a several ounces of stainless steel) beats a pound of cure any day.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how Boss Corner Guards can protect the corners of your high traffic hallways.