Stainless Steel Corner Guards Protect Against These Three Unexpected Office Dangers

by Boss Steel on May 16, 2016

If you haven't yet considered installing stainless steel corner guards in your office building, allow us to give some examples of unexpected office dangers our guards could deflect.

Danger One: Mysterious Flying Objects

No, we're not talking about UFOs. We're talking about actual items launched across the office by the same sort of unwise people who threw things across classrooms back in third grade. To protect against errant pens, calculators, and staplers unwisely propelled into flight by your own employees, install corner protection. 

Danger Two: Runaway Coffee Carts

It doesn't have to be just coffee carts. It could be mail carts, janitor carts, or hand trucks that veer off course, chipping paint and otherwise damaging your pristine corners. Chalking these events up to "user error" on the part of the person steering the cart doesn't make the damage any less expensive to fix. Having corner guards in place, however, will cut down on the amount of damage done. 

Danger Three: Moving Damage

Whether you're moving desks into a new space, upgrading your waiting room chairs, or transferring filing cabinets from one office to another, chances are quite high that your corners could suffer scratches and scrapes during the process. To that end, it's wise to put up corner guards before even moving into your offices. 

By now, you need no further convincing. You understand that in the long run, installing corner protection is a wise investment to protect against the normal wear and tear of daily office life. If you would like more information about the various sizes, styles, and thicknesses of our corner guards, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.