Steel vs Plastic Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on April 09, 2015
When it comes time for you to decide on a material for the corner guards of your home or facility, it's important to know your facts. Though it may not seem highly important, the quality of your corner guards will make a large difference in your factory, warehouse, office building, and more.

If you are aiming for your facility to be rough and tumble ready, corner guards are a must. As the name implies, a corner guard protects corners and angles of walls from bumps, scrapes, dents, scratches, and more. If there is a lot of traffic going through your facility and it's not equipped with corner guards, you could be looking at a future of many wall repairs and replacements. This of course means time spent making the repairs, as well as money on the repairs themselves.
Corner guards are available in many different materials such as steel, rubber, plastic, and various polymers. The plastics and polymers are, unsurprisingly, the less expensive up-front option. However, steel corner guards offer a host of benefits above those made of rubbers and polymers. Some of these benefits include:

Resistance To Weathering
Steel is an incredibly stable material, meaning that it will resist any ill-effects other materials may suffer from due to weather changes. Extreme hot and cold both have very little effect on steel, whereas plastic can shrink, sag, wrinkle, bulge, crack, and shatter when exposed to an extremely hot or cold environment for a prolonged period of time.

Greater Durability
It's a fact that steel is stronger and more durable than any plastic or rubber material. Dings, bumps, and scratches which would be serious on any other material may well just buff right out of a steel corner guard.

Chemically Inert
Finally, steel is a highly inert material, unlike many plastics and other polymers. This means that steel will not readily produce chemical reactions with other substances. (In fact, stainless steel is so inert it doesn't even rust.) Highly acrid environments, such as those found in factories along the seaside, can eat away at and erode plastics. Similarly, various chemicals and even other plastics can cause a breakdown of the rubber or plastic itself when prolonged contact is made. This makes steel components an ideal choice for factories, warehouses, treatment plants, and more which handle possibly corrosive materials.

Though steel may have a slightly higher upfront price tag, you will save money in the long run on repairs and replacements of your walls and corner guards alike. If you would like to know more, we invite you to visit our website. You may also contact us directly with any questions or comments, and we'd be more than happy to assist you in selecting the right Boss Corner Guards for your project.