The Tale of the Stainless Steel Corner Guards

by Boss Steel on December 08, 2015

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There once was a large empty office with several rooms and passageways. It was owned by a small business that sold carpets and furniture. As the owner walked in, he saw some things that were awry. The corners of walls were chipped and barren with nothing to protect them from calamitous movers. 

Just imagine, movers coming in and out delivering furniture to customers and boxes bumping and smashing into the fragile corners. How dreadful!

What can the owner to protect his new property?

Ah, he checked a tweet from one of his favorite corner guard companies and contacted them right away.

With swiftness and splendor the stainless steel corner guards came and made new what was once old and grey and how happy was he that a corner was made into a condition as pristine as the sheen of a diamond.

Movers and delivery men came and nothing has chipped or broken. The corners that were once an eyesore are now a thing of splendor and customers would say how beautiful and clean everything is.

They're right, the corner guards certainly added a sense of order and professionalism, crispness and cleanliness.

How happy he is that his business has boomed and there he stands and smiles. For he made a wise decision that day and ordered from Boss Corner Guards.