Wall and Door Protection Products for Retail and Commercial Spaces

by Kim Stewart on August 07, 2022

High-traffic areas like airports, hospitals, warehouses, kitchens, etc. can damage your interior spaces. Retail and commercial buildings need products to maintain and protect them. The interior and exterior of these facilities, though different need extra protection. 

Finding the best products to protect your building can be difficult. Whether you are a designer (architectural or interior), contractor, DIY, or a facility owner/manager working on a retail or commercial project we've got you covered. At Boss Corner Guards, you will find all the protection products you may need for your facility. Let's look at the products:

Wall Protection Products

All our products are steel, aluminum checker plate, or stainless steel. We offer different profiles, standard or heavy-duty, to ensure we meet your needs.

Door Protection Products

  • Armor plates protect the lower half of the door from damage by pushcarts, wheelchairs, and other equipment use.
  • Kick plates protect the push side of the door for facilities with high service, like hospitals, bars, or restaurants.
  • Push plates protect the doors' finish. Used on doors without handles or door knobs. A person uses the push plate to push the door open.
  • Mop plates protect the door's pull side from constant foot traffic, cleaning, or equipment.
  • Stretcher plates protect the doors' finish. Used on doors without handles or door knobs. A person uses the stretcher plate to push the door open.

Retail and commercial spaces incur very high traffic. Damage from moving people and equipment can damage your building structure. Grocery stores, bars, restaurants, hospitals, and more spaces must protect their investment in their interior spaces. Using our protection products will save you repair costs and increase the longevity of your building.

You can find our products online in our store or order a custom-made product with your specific measurements. Please consult with our team for the best product to use for your specific need. Contact us with any queries.