Why Consider Installing an Industrial Corner Guard System for Your Store

by Boss Steel on July 07, 2015

It's no secret that working in the retail industry is often hard. It's hard on both the employees and on the building that houses the store. Certain types of retail stores are especially hard on the building housing them, like large department stores, clothing stores and grocery stores. With all the consumer traffic and the dozens of workers, checking in and out and doing their jobs every day; a brand new store can sustain what looks like years of damage, in just one year or during a hectic shopping season.

Shipping boxes of products, wood and plastic display shelving, glass display shelving, storage boxes large stock items like furniture and especially common store items like shopping carts and canned goods will ding the corners of your stock room and your store consistently every day. In addition, your employees are standing on their feet for most of the day.

Many retail workers are also dissatisfied with their job and feel they are underpaid and overworked. These workers don't care what they bump into, or what store merchandise damages your walls, in their clamor to eat their fast food or home packed lunch; or in their race to leave for the day.

Most delivery drivers are thinking about how many other drop offs they have to make that day. Though some companies do train some workers to respect delivery locations, most drivers and delivery personnel could care less; and they'll let large, heavy boxes and crates damage any part of your walls that get in their way. They think it's all part of the job, or part of the delivery process.

Customers are in your store to get what they need and they typically don't care much to keep your building in the best condition. Though they might not go out of their way to destroy it, they won't make an effort not to damage your walls and corners. That's someone else's job, yours or someone's. After all, it must be easy for you to do this with your time or finances since they've spent a whopping $25 with you that day.

One Little Ally

One effective way to protect your property is to start using corner guards to protect your wall corners in high traffic store areas. In reality, corner guards are a necessity in most stock rooms. Moisture builds up constantly in them, and many get very little fresh air. This multiplies the damage that nicks and bumps have already caused .

Boss Corner Guards have several corner guard designs that are ideal for the retail environment. Contact us today, and let us design a custom industrial corner guard system for your store!