August 17, 2018

Facility Managers Fall Checklist

Facility managers always have quite a list of tasks to accomplish. Along with daily upkeep and routine maintenance, they must also make allowance for seasonal preparations.  View full article →
August 10, 2018

Drywall Protection: 3 Considerations

Though our guards won't help with fire or water damage, they'll certainly help protect against accidental scratches, scrapes, dents, and gouges. The first step toward protecting your vulnerable drywall should be to invest in sets of interior corner guards.  View full article →
August 03, 2018

The Toughest Protection Your Facilities Need: Steel Corner Guards

Ever wonder why kitchens, laboratories, dining room, or cafeterias tend to have stainless steel corner protectors? Because they are sanitary. Stainless steel is non-porous, and as long as they are glued onto the wall properly and thus have no holes to attract dirt and bacteria, they are also extremely easy to clean and sanitize. Just spray with disinfectant, wipe, and you're pretty much done.  View full article →
July 27, 2018

Drywall Protection: It's The Little Things

Suffering incidental damage to your drywall from simple, everyday carelessness. Scrapes, scratches, gouges, and dents are all very real and present dangers. Fortunately, there is one simple step you can take to protect your vulnerable corners and edges. By installing corner guards, you will keep your interior corners smooth and sharp.

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July 20, 2018

Deliveries and Other Perils

As every facility manager knows, each building comes with its own particular set of issues. Given the differences in location, design, purpose, and tenants, most buildings require more than just general maintenance. View full article →
July 13, 2018

Sensational Summer Drywall Protection: 3 Preventative Tips

Installing corner guards is one of the simplest, easiest, and most practical things you can do to protect your drywall. For homes, businesses, and service facilities, corner guards can act as a safeguard against most routine damage that threatens your vulnerable interior corners. View full article →
July 06, 2018

Industrial Corner Guards for the Best and Worst of Times

One simple step you can take is to install industrial corner guards along your interior corners and edges. With these vulnerable spots protected and reinforced, your facilities are more secure against incidental damage. View full article →
June 29, 2018

Stainless Steel Corner Guards to Dress up Your Shop

Corner guards are popular in offices, hospitals, schools, and in other similar buildings but one place where they do not show up often enough is in the automotive industry.  View full article →
June 22, 2018

Make Your Home a Work of Art with Stainless Steel Corner Guards

All things considered, there's never been a better time to consider installing a few sets of our stainless steel corner guards in your home. Our guards do more than just match a current trend, however. They provide protection against incidental damage to your vulnerable interior corners and edges.  View full article →
June 15, 2018

Maintenance for Office Towers: Severe Weather Preparation Checklist

Don't forget to install sets of corner guards before you undertake any serious preparation! They'll keep your interior corners and vulnerable edges safe from any potential incidental scrapes, scratches, or other damage. View full article →